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Series Statement 

In this series of small oil paintings, I explore the liminal state between reality and dreams that I experienced during a period of abrupt relocation and intense lucid dreaming. Each painting is a fragment of memory or dream, rendered in realistic detail but infused with surrealist elements that evoke the whimsical and ethereal quality of dreams.

The pastel and blue hues that dominate the color palette reflect the dream-like quality of my experiences during this time, as I struggled to differentiate between what was real and what was imagined. The paintings are small in size, reflecting the fragmented nature of memories and dreams, which can be fleeting and elusive.

Through this series, I sought to document and make sense of a disorienting time in my life, where the frequency of my lucid dreams and the blurring of reality and dreams led me to question the sanctity of my memories. By capturing these moments on canvas, I hoped to preserve and honour the complexity of this liminal state and explore the relationship between memory and imagination.

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