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Time Dilation

This body of work is a deeply personal exploration of my experience of time delusion, specifically as it pertains to the difference in time perception at sea level and higher altitudes. Through a series of 5 small pieces, I have sought to capture the way time feels and moves in these two very different locations.

To create these works, I have used cyanotype as my base medium, a process that is intimately connected with the telling of time and the movement of the sun. Over this base, I have layered ink and colour pencils to create scenes from an average day spent in both locations, each half of the works representing the artist's perception of time in Bombay and Shimla.

By dividing each piece into two parts, I have sought to emphasize the stark difference in time flow at sea level versus higher altitudes. The use of red and violet, the fastest and slowest moving colours, respectively, serves to underscore this difference. Additionally, the varying divisions of the page from piece to piece highlight the unpredictable and elusive nature of time.


Through these works, I have sought to convey the way time delusion can affect our daily lives and shape our experiences of the world around us. As an artist, my hope is that viewers will be inspired to reflect on their own perceptions of time and the ways in which it shapes their understanding of the world.

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